Weavy is a static website compiler/generator. It currently is in a petty-project state: There is a public github but it lacks documentation and some important features.

It came to life when I looked for a simple solution to create a static website. I considered using compareable tools, but they all failed at some requirement. The most promising of them were:

  • nanoc -- Ruby, fast, but pretty complicated to set up
  • webgen -- Ruby, no blogging support
  • jekyll -- Ruby, lot's of external dependencies
  • pybloxsom -- Python, simple to use, but is still undergoing heavy development
  • blogofile -- Python, too many features for my taste

My main requirement was: low maintenance required. Which means no breaks on updates and few external dependencies (that could break something). I also wanted file:// protocol compatability (no webserver required for delivery) (all links must be relative). I couldn't find a tool that had all of these. So I created my own.

At the moment it is just a .py script and to use it, you just hit ./weavy.py on the console where the site data is. Weavy generates a static site in the /out dir which you can ftp onto some cheap webspace. Weavy has only three external dependencies:

  1. the python runtime
  2. markdown for simple content editing
  3. pygments for code highlighting

It's simple, it works, it doesn't break and it needs exactly as much maintenance as I can afford :)